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Warehousing Services

ServiceFirst offers regular and specialized services in warehouse management; we provide both contract and public warehousing. No matter what the task, we can either provide the service or find someone who can.

Our regular services; We provide standard warehouse service: pallet through put, storage, inventory control, FIFO of materials, racked and un-racked storage

Our Specialized Services

  • Packaging Services – down packaging material from bulk containers to box, steel containers, creates, totes and up packaging from bag to super sack to bulk tanker etc...
  • Pick Pack Services – package materials from several sources to the configuration, "Piece counting, packaging to different type packages, boxes, drums and containers" as needed.
  • Rework or re-package materials – re-packing, sorting, cleaning, counting, welding, labeling and grinding
  • Recycle – we buy, cardboards, paper products, ground plastics steel and fiber drums to sale in our overseas markets. We inspect and clean drums and totes to return back to customer.